WETT Inspections provides inspections of Solid Fuel Burning Systems
Inspections are performed to WETT (Wood Energy Technical Training)
S.I.T.E®™ (Systems Inspections & Technical Evaluation) standards.
A Solid Fuel Burning System includes the:
a) the solid fuel burning appliance itself,
b) the appliances chimney and venting,
c) the installation of the system components and
d) system components clearances to combustibles.
A solid fuel burning appliance could be either a:
boiler (indoor or outdoor), cook stove, masonry fireplace,
masonry fireplace insert, forced air furnace, space heater,
free standing stove or zero clearance fireplace.
A solid fuel burning appliance could burn any one or more of the following fuels:

Our inspection service is directly related to insurers, lenders, purchasers and sellers of property with
solid fuel burning appliances installed and purchasers installing solid fuel burning appliances.


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